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A Wicked Lizard

A Wicked Lizard

–Saki Billah


You are a Wicked Lizard,

Like a dwarf husked Sun,

Like a Shadow from a Sunbeam,

In an ancient meadow.

I am wicked by you,

But I am not weak at all,

I know how to survive,

How to grow like a green stalk;

And becoming as long, as it could be,

Climbing in a long tree.

Dear God, forgive her,

For what she did to me,

For how she black spelled me,

As I forgave her,

You have no rights to proceed.


But you can make me strong,

Like a Blacksmith’s hammer,

Like a blowing wind,

So I can wicked her too;

But not like a monster,

I will flourish like a sprinkle,

I will blow besides her,

So she can smelled me,

But cannot see,

I will fly in the Sky,

Like a free Bird,

So I can see her,

But she cannot noticed.

You are a beautiful Species,

But not more than a ‘Wicked Lizard’.

Time of writing: 04.01.2018 7:31 am

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