অনলাইন প্রকাশনা ইজি পাবলিকেশনস কবিতা



During the day, in the diverse media we can see,
Democracy is starting in the Myanmar, may be,
Muslims are severely persecuted in the country,
It is what kind of Development of Democracy?

Buddhist-Muslim riots going on the Abakan state,
Many Muslim killed in riots by indiscriminate.
It is a repeat as same of Palestine history.
Rohingga are foreigner of his won country.

Hundreds of years, Rohingga lived state of Arakan,
They have won language, culture and won tradition.
Amaze! Refusal them as citizens, their government,
How can Myanmar stop the Buddhist-Muslim fight?

If any country of government refusal them as citizens,
We can say, they are willingly operating the violence.
Can they not consider them as man? Not as a Muslim,
Why, Myanmar people killing arbitrarily of them?

Where is humanity? Where is World Conscience?
World Conscience cannot see Myanmar’s violence!
Sometimes, some organization gives some speech,
Myanmar Government has needed to stop violence.

Reputable for peace in the Afghanistan operate a war
Why never pressures create to stop killing man of Myanmar?
By easy speech, Myanmar killing mission never can be stop.
All way & vantage of  World Organization have need to off.

O, World conscience, comes forward for humanity,
Only by speech, we can not ending Our liability.
Oops! Tormented people, I cannot do nay other,
O, my Creator you may protect the helpless man of Myanmar.

Sahidul Islam (Singapore Expatriates  )

(Note_ Rohingga is one Nation of Myanmar,
Arakan is one state of Myanmar)

[It is my small attempt to stop oppression against persecuted Muslims people of Myanmar.]